Client Testimonials

Ms Ganapathy Juta, through her company, Beyond Transform, had been engaged as an HR expert and Project Lead, managing the end-to-end processes relating to the project and has proven herself to be a seasoned HR professional who prides herself in producing quality work and is always prepared to go the extra mile to accommodate the client’s needs. She will not overlook an issue on the basis of it not forming part of the scope of the work for which she is engaged but will flag whatever issues she comes across and offer recommendations on how to best address such an issue. She is an HR Consultant/Advisor par excellence! From a client relationship management perspective, Dirusha is always accessible and is able to pre-empt her client’s needs, ensuring timeous delivery of quality status reports. She integrates very easily with all levels of employees, i.e. from the highest level of engagement with members of the Board, executive management through to engaging Labour Unions and lower level employees. Her passion and pride in her work combined with her impeccable presentation skills make her an exceptional business partner”
– Mpumalanga Economic Growth Agency, Acting General Manager, Corporate Services 


“Your personal commitment to client service delivery is exemplary. Your enthusiasm and dedication in providing SNG and it’s clients with service certainly stands out. The key factors for choosing to work with you are your in-depth HR knowledge, expertise, flexibility to adapt to a changing environment, dedication to our needs and requirements as well as your ability to supply high standards and consistent delivery of quality services within the means of our budget. We appreciate the value you provide which has led to new busienss from clients based on your credibility, professionalism and high work ethic. Beyond Transform is a reputable service provider that has gone above and beyond the call of duty offering insightful and trusted guidance to leadership on best practices, conceptual thinking and the design of “fit for purpose” solutions, strategic insight and thoroughness”
– Sizwe Nsaluba Gobodo, Director


“I wish to express my sincere appreciation for your expedient response to the needs of this community and to People Against Unemployment and Poverty (PAPU). I just want to say how thankful we are. It is very rare to meet with someone like yourself who honors her committment to social justice and uplifting the poor.It is indeed a priviledge to have met with you and connected on this level. The partnership will help many of our unemployed youth”
– People Against Poverty and Unemployment, Director –


“We express our appreciation to Beyond Transform for being one of our valued speakers at our Graduate Empowerment seminar. We appreciate your efforts of personally taking time to share your expertise and wisdom to groom young SA graduates. The positive responses are a reflection of your outstanding expertise, experience and credibility in enriching young people to become active participants in their own development and not just passive recipients, through Integrated Youth Development”
– South African Council for Graduates and Cooperative Limited, Executive Chairman

“Dirusha worked with me as a coach and advisor and I found her insights to be of great value. She is sharp, insightful and gets to the core of the issue. She is very detailed in her approach and generous with her time. She is very person-centred and adept in helping coachees self discover through reflective questions. She is spot on in her observations and her approach is especially suitable for C level executives. She is effective in causing lasting awareness and change among her clients”
– HR Head and CHRO, Sears Holdings


“Dirusha is exceptionally dedicated to whatever tasks are thrown at her under great pressure in projects across multiple timezones and engaging with VP’s within a leading global ICT and Services organisation. As the Regional Lead for the implementation of the HR Service Delivery Model for IBM MEA, she showed great tenacity and commitment”
– Service Delivery Model Global Head, IBM Global


On behalf of the Blue Hills College Board of Directors, the school’s advisory Committee and staff, we would like to extend a heart-felt thank you for your commitment to making our career day a success
– Blue Hills College

“No one who has ever crossed paths with you either via face to face discussion , LinkedIn or even on TV, with an open mind and heart will ever again prefer the common, settle for less, or stop short of the extremity of his capabilities. You are truly the inspiration. Today I’ve decided that im not gonna rob the world, i will bless it with the rich, valuable, potent, untapped potential locked within me. Would really like to thank you on behalf of thousands whom you may have changed their lives without noticing”
– HR Graduate

I am truly grateful for being part of this amazing team and growing under your leadership. I don’t think u have an idea of how you have impacted my individual and career growth, I’ve learnt so much from you in this short span of time. I am really out of words and emotional when I think about the selfless love you have shown to me
-Graduate, Work readiness program
We have learned so much and continue to learn from you and that prepares us better to be able to interact with other people and the environment. We really cannot thank you enough for your teachings.
-Graduate, Work readiness program
I have personally learnt a lot from Dirusha in this short period of time and the learning continues. We are truly grateful for sharing your insights, lessons and experiences with us. You are a super great mentor!
-Graduate, Work readiness program
We are really lucky to have gotten the opportunity to work for someone like you You make even the most tedious job a lovely learning process. It’s been two months for me but it feels like a year because I am developing everyday
-Graduate, Work readiness program