“Winner, “100 Most Influential Global HR Professionals”, World HRD Congress, 2017”

“Winner, "HR Leader of the Year", Future of HR, 2017”

“Finalist, "HR Consultancy of the Year", Future of HR, 2018”

“Finalist, HR Hall of Fame, Future of HR Awards, 2017”

“Finalist, HR Rising Star of the Year, Future of HR, 2017”

“I found her insights to be of great value. She is sharp, insightful and gets to the core of the issue”

Driven by a passion for people, change, development and transformation and after winning “100 Most Influential Global HR Professionals” by the World Human Resources Development Congress, Founder and Managing Director, Dirusha Ganapathy Juta, launched the concept of Beyond Transform in April 2017.
Her diverse 14 years of corporate experience and achievements across various sectors and multinational corporations within a global context and particularly across the African continent led Dirusha to work across multiple cultures and countries focusing on growth, transformation, alignment to HR best practices and service delivery excellence.
The concept of leveraging HR consulting skills, insights, expertise and competencies to solve socio-economic challenges forms the basis of Beyond Transform. We believe that radical change and shifts within our country and for our people, require an effective partnership with the right organisations that share a similar vision to ours.

Our HR solutions are well researched, takes into consideration HR trends within the designated market and drives alignment to HR best practices through HR consulting, analyses, design and implementation. Our projects are aligned to corporate social responsibility, educational and government related programs with regards to youth and women’s development and empowerment. Consulting, workshops, coaching, facilitation and support groups are value-added offerings that complements the work we do when delivering solutions to our clients.

As members of several professional associations, we are governed by ethical practices and standards including a strong set of values related to confidentiality, trust, openness, empathy, understanding, compassion, respect and honesty.

Managing Director, Dirusha Ganapathy Juta holds an undergraduate degree in Industrial Psychology and Public Administration and a post-graduate Honours degree in Psychology. She is a board member of the South African Career Development Association influencing career development across South Africa, Chartered HR Professional member of the South African Board for People Practices (SA HR professional body for HR), Vice-Chair of the South African Board for People Practices Organisational Development and Change Management National Committee, a member of the International Coach Federation, Coaches and Mentors of SA and the Institute of People Management. Dirusha also serves as Vice President, Human Resources of a global NPO, Destinato, focused on the alleviation of poverty, sickness and famine across the globe.


Her passion and pride in her work combined with her impeccable presentation skills make her an exceptional business partner. She is an HR Consultant/Advisor par excellence!

Mpumalanga Economic Growth Agency

We appreciate the value you provide which has led to new business from clients based on your credibility, professionalism and high work ethic

Sizwe Ntsaluba Gobodo

It is very rare to meet with someone like yourself who honors her committment to social justice and uplifting the poor. It is indeed a priviledge to have met with you. The partnership will help many of our unemployed youth

People Against Poverty and Unemployment

The positive responses are a reflection of your outstanding expertise, experience and credibility in enriching young people to become active participants in their own development

South African Council for Graduates and Cooperative Limited, Executive Chairman

Dirusha is exceptionally dedicated to whatever tasks are thrown at her under great pressure in projects across multiple timezones and engaging with VP's within a leading global ICT and Services organisation. As the Regional Lead for the implementation of the HR Service Delivery Model for IBM MEA, she showed great tenacity and commitment

Service Delivery Model Global Head, IBM Global

She is very detailed in her approach, is person-centred and adept in helping coachees self discover through reflective questions

Executive Coachee

She is spot on in her observations and her approach is especially suitable for C level executives

Executive Coachee

She is very detailed in her approach, is person-centred and adept in helping coachees self discover through reflective questions

Executive Coachee

On behalf of the Blue Hills College Board of Directors, the school’s advisory Committee and staff, we would like to extend a heart-felt thank you for your commitment to making our career day a success

- Blue Hills College

She is spot on in her observations and her approach is especially suitable for C level executives

Executive Coachee

She is effective in causing lasting awareness and change among her client

Executive Coachee

No one who has ever crossed paths with you either via face to face discussion , LinkedIn or even on TV, with an open mind and heart will ever again prefer the common, settle for less, or stop short of the extremity of his capabilities. You are truly the inspiration"